WooCommerce Role Upgrade


An extension for WooCommerce, which enables you to create rules, which if met by the user, will upgrade there WordPress role to whichever role is set in the rule.


1. Download woo-role-upgrade.zip from your envato account.

2. Upload woo-role-upgrade.zip to your plugins folder, or upload via the WordPress plugin uploader.

3. Install and activate.


1. Once installed and activated, you will notice a sub menu has been added to the "Wholesale Prices" Main Menu (if WooCommerce Wholesale Prices is installed), titled "Role Upgrade". If WooCommerce Wholesale Prices is not installed a new main menu will be created with the same title.

2. Click on the "Role Upgrade" menu item. This will send you to te options page, when you can create some rules by clicking on "Add New Rule".

3. Once you have clicked on "Add New Role" a new row of inputs will show. The first row is the rule type, whether it be "Total Orders", or "Total Amount Spent". The second input is the amount that needs to be met. The third input is the new role that will be assigned if the user has met the criteria you just set.

4. Once all your desired rules have been setup, hit the "Save Rules" button and you are ready to go.


Scenario 1: Lets say you want to upgrade a users role to "Wholesale Customer" when they have spent a total of £1000 or over. The Rule would look like this:

Scenario 2: Lets say you want to upgrade a users role to "Shop Manager" when they have placed a total of 100 orders or over. The Rule would look like this: